Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a home in York County dedicated to compassionate end-of-life care for individuals and their families in collaboration with their hospice provider.

In 2009 a small spirited group of friends and colleagues began meeting monthly to share stories about our personal losses of loved ones and to speak honestly about what was most needed and meaningful at life’s end. The knowingness among our hearts was unanimous, unwavering, and two-tiered. We felt strongly that having a loving home and family to belong to was paramount and part of every person’s birthright as a human being. We also knew that having the compassionate presence of community who could willingly bear witness and support the leave-taking process of its people brought a vital dimension that was transformational, but often times missing. The light of our vision was cast.

Since the earliest days of our inception we have navigated a course that demonstrates our original commitment to provide non-medical home-like care and comfort for people who cannot, or do not wish to die in their own homes. The foundation of our mission is built upon amazing volunteer leadership, thorough research, professional networking, and thoughtful planning, as well as a genuine caring and conviction that life matters, has profound dignity and beauty at every stage, and is meant to be shared and honored in its wisdom and wholeness from beginning to end.

We proudly opened our doors to our first resident in December 2017. Welcoming people and their loved ones into our home for end-of-life care represents the miraculous answer to humble hopes and prayers that were uttered on purpose by every one of us long ago. Our efforts and steps continue to keep pace and travel common ground with the very special people and families we are destined to meet, serve, and love.